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LPG Bullets: Design Criteria TAGS: | LPG Bullets:  LPG is a mixture of Propane and Butane. LPG has an explosive range of 1.8% to 9.5% volume of gas in air. The density of liquid ranges from …Continue reading →

Comparison between API 521,6th edition, 2014 & 5th, edition,2008 TAGS: | | | | | What’s new in API 521, 6th edition, 2014 When  APIStd 521, 6th ed. Jan, 2014 was issued, the ISO 23251 was removed. In this post, all major changes from  APIStd …Continue reading →

Shutdown Philosophy Definitions Pre-commissioning: These are the non-operating work responsibilities (such as adjustments, cold alignment checks, etc.) performed by the contractor prior to ready for commissioning or mechanical completion. Ready for Commissioning/Mechanical …Continue reading →

Aspen Flare Analyser (FLARENET) TIPS / TUTORIAL Following tips/cautionsshould be considered while working on Aspen Flare Analyzer (Flarenet). 1. List your assumptions: Flarenet requires a large quantity of data to feed in for calculating the tail pipe/flare …Continue reading →

PARAMETERS IN FIRE AND COLD DEPRESSURIZATION Hysys Depressursing Utility     The difference between Fire case and Cold Depressurization Fire Case Depressurization Cold Depressurization (Normal Operation Blowdown) Initial Pressure PAHH Case 1 Max Operating Pressure Case …Continue reading →

Job Hazard Analysis Steps involved in conducting a Job Hazard Analysis 1 Hazard: A hazard is the potential for harm. In practical terms, a hazard often is associated with a condition or activity …Continue reading →