Process Engineering Solutions


Idea behind it

When an engineer steps in his first job as process engineer or in any department/industry, He takes the help of his manager, use company guidelines, standards & codes or google it to solve any new problem. I also had a similar kind of experience. After some time, I went to an operating company where we need to review, comment & approve the wide range of engineering documents. This was sometimes difficult as we have to provide solutions to operations and sometimes things with which we are dealing with are new for all of us.

At that time, I decided to document the basic principles / key concepts to solve such problems. In 2017, I finally launched where solutions to commonly encountered process engineering solutions or help shall be posted.

My colleagues and friends would be posting their experiences as well. If any Oil and Gas professional is interested in uploading his learning, they are most welcome to contact us. Our motto is to share our lesson learned and to minimize the time in solving a similar problem.

Junior engineers and problem solvers would find it interesting and enriching.This blog would also help inquisitive engineering students and graduates.

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